Currently Enrolled Fall Students Only: SEPTEMBER PAYMENT due 9/1/17

Regular price $ 110.00

How Much Does it Cost?

$60 non-refundable down payment to secure the slot for the fall semester
Lesson slots are available first come/first serve.   After school slots with Angie Mack Reilly are in high demand.  Early registration is strongly encouraged!!

$110 due on or before September 1st, October 1st AND November 1st (in December you will be asked if you want to continue with your same slot for 2nd semester which will require a $60 down payment again.)

Only one discipline is allowed per 1/2 hour slot.  So if you want to take voice and guitar, you will need to purchase 2 half hour slots.

What Does Tuition Cover?

INDIVIDUALIZED LESSON PLANS with GOALS tailored to the student's learning style, interests, level of musical knowledge, etc... Angie Mack Reilly has been giving private lessons for 18 years and specializes in tapping into each student's uniqueness.

COMPLIMENTARY CHILDCARE FOR EACH STUDENT 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after each lesson.  Students can quietly sit in the Ozaukee Talent Music Lab to work on homework, listen to music or do any other “sit down”, self-guided activity.  Exclusions to free childcare include before my first lesson and after the last lesson of the day.

Tuition also helps the instructor cover costs such as

Rental of the music classroom, theater space and sound equipment
Classroom learning tools and supplies
Technology, Wi-Fi, online payment system, website, phone, etc…
Marketing costs
Event planning and promotion for the STUDENT SHOWCASE, Open Mics, etc…
Time for scheduling, correspondence and communication
“Outside of classroom” song research for the student
18 years of expertise potentially leading to referrals, performance and networking opportunities, inside scoop on area auditions and music events, etc..
Instructor’s ongoing training and pay (after everything else is paid for  )

    Usage of Photo and Video

    Ozaukee Talent may use “in action” photo or short video shots from time to time for promotional purposes.  Things like a students’ first or last name, age, school, etc…will not be revealed to the public without the parent’s permission.  In most cases, the child remains anonymous.  Follow @ozaukeetalent on Instagram to see the types of photos used.  If you are opposed, email the instructor at after you register.

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    Need Additional After School Childcare?

    My students are welcome to come into the Music Lab to work quietly during any of the times that I am present at $10/hr. per child.  Please notify in advance to make sure there is room.